LG V60 ThinQ is now receiving Android 12 in the US

LG V60 ThinQ is now receiving Android 12 in the US. After last year’s release of the community-driven Android 12, LG released a limited number of V60 devices updated to the latest version for US consumers. The downloading update size would often be one gigabyte, leading many Redditors to believe that it is staged. Even though this is a clunky effort by LG, we’re happy to see these updates happen one last time before they left the smartphone world completely. LG might have pulled out of the smartphone market altogether However,


LG has been a bit more tolerant. Korean firm has actually been surprisingly friendly with regards to software support, and not trying to disappoint its customers. It declared that it will bring certain models up with Android 12 and possibly Android 13 and that the rolling out of the Velvet have already begun. 

LG V60 ThinQ is now receiving Android 12 in the US

Then a new LG device has joined the event. This is the LG V60 ThinQ in the US and specifically the models that were distributed by T-Mobile. Numerous accounts on Reddit have surfaced from users who own this phone, and who have received the upgrade to Android 12. This is great news, obviously, but it’s also a bit odd considering that the V60 wasn’t on either one of the LG’s lists for eligible devices. 


It seems like LG just wants to continue to surprise us and we’re not worried any time. The changelog for the update is brief and vague However, you’re likely to get all the features that Google included in this version of the Android 12 release last year along with the addition of LG paint added on the top. 

The update also includes the March 2022 patch for security that is, of course, not yet in use, but should anyone really complain when the company that issued its final statement in the smartphone market? The download size for the update is 1.17GB and you can only get it from a reliable sufficient network. It’s possible that the rollout has been delayed, and it could require a couple of days before it’s available to all V60 units left out there.

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