LG Display shows off a 12″ display that can stretch to 14″

LG Display shows off a 12″ display that can stretch to 14″. Smartphones with foldable screens are becoming more common, but a similar technology, flexible displays, is also rising. LG Display showed off a 12-inch display that can be expanded to a 14-inch size and then returned to its original size without any damage.


Because of its flexibility and capacity to stretch, LG’s “free-form” display might be employed in apparel and furniture (or sit on – its construction is quite durable). LG Display might have applications in several fields, including “fashion, wearables, mobility, and gaming,” the company says. Also, it has potential use in the transportation and aerospace industries.

LG Display shows off a 12″ display that can stretch to 14″.

To put that in perspective, a 40-inch 4K television has a pixel density of around 100ppi. Thus the display is rather high-quality for a prototype screen. Plus, it can display any hue in the RGB spectrum. The screen is assembled onto a unique silicon substrate, the same silicon used in contact lenses.


The micro-LEDs (smaller than 40m) are held together not with traditional wires but by S-shaped springs, allowing for a 20% stretch without breaking. Display prototypes that can extend have been seen previously, for example, this one from Royole last year.

The demo device had a modest 2.7″ panel with 96 x 60px resolution, but the manufacturer claims the technology can approach 120ppi. In 2017, Samsung showed a flexible display, albeit it could only resist deformation (by, for example, being pressed down on) rather than expand in size (the 9.1″ screen could stretch roughly half an inch).

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