iPhone updates boost Sony’s smartphone camera sensor business

iPhone updates boost Sony’s smartphone camera sensor business. In 2022, the smartphone market shrank, hurting image sensor vendors. Sony was the only supplier to increase revenue annually. Apple’s iPhone 14 series camera upgrades were primarily responsible.


The two Pro variants included bigger 12MP super wide cameras and 48MP primary cameras. All four models had autofocus selfie cameras. Apple employs Sony sensors exclusively, as seen below each camera type.

iPhone updates boost Sony’s smartphone camera sensor business.

Sony earned $6 per unit in the second half of 2022, totaling $300 million. Sony gained 54% of total sales, up 5% from 2021. Even though its sales share fell to 29%, Samsung LSI fared well. High-resolution, sub-0.7μm-pixel sensors benefited the firm.


Samsung sold 200 million inexpensive 50MP sensors in 2022. These are in lower-end phone primary cameras and higher-end phone selfie cameras. The business has sold 150 million 100+ megapixel sensors since its start. The smartphone image sensor market declined 6% in 2022, while sales remained over $13 billion. 83% went to Sony and Samsung.

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