iPhone 15 Pro leaked new high quality renders

iPhone 15 Pro leaked new high quality renders. Rough CAD-based renderings of the rumoured deep red ‘hero color’ for the next iPhone 15 Pro first surfaced in February. These newer, more refined, and high-quality renderings come from the same source as the old ones. This is the most straightforward look we’ve seen yet at Apple’s next premium smartphone, which is expected to debut in September.


The titanium frame of the iPhone 15 Pro will be softer around the edges to allay consumers’ fears about the current generation’s devices. The individual camera projections will get more significant, and the bump will increase in height. It’s intriguing that the iPhone 15 Pro Max, expected to have a periscope zoom lens, has a smaller camera protrusion than previous models.

iPhone 15 Pro leaked new high quality renders

Previous rumours have suggested that the iPhone 15 Pro’s cameras use “an all-new sensor technology that will capture more light and reduce overexposure or underexposure in certain settings.” All iPhone 15 models will include USB-C connectors, but only Apple-approved USB-C cords will provide the best charging speeds.

The volume and mute controls will be haptic rather than physical, with two haptic engines specifically designed to mimic the physical action of pressing a button. Instead of a sliding switch, a tactile control will now be used to activate the mute function.

The screen glass of the iPhone 15 Pro will feature a subtle curve, merging into the titanium frame like a rearview mirror. The phone’s bezels will measure only 1.55 millimetres on both sides. Since the screen size stays the same, the iPhone 15 Pro will be somewhat slimmer thanks to its reduced bezels.


The new model will be smaller than the iPhone 14 Pro, with 146.47 x 70.46 x 8.24 mm dimensions. The ‘hero’ deep red colour option is said to be available on the phone alongside white, Space Black, and gold.

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