iPhone 14 Pro will come with a 48MP camera

iPhone 14 Pro will come with a 48MP camera. A new report from TrendForce has confirmed earlier reports of there is a change in the iPhone 14 Pro’s resolution. iPhone 14 Pro will move to a main camera of 48MP. It’s the third time that an iPhone has raised in resolution for its primary camera (iPhone 4 to 4S – 5MP up to 8MP, iPhone 6 and 6s 12MP to 8MP) and could be significant shift in how Apple making cameras. 


iPhone 14 Pro will come with a 48MP camera

The likelihood is that Apple has to increase the resolution to be able to provide eight-kilopixel video recordings on its Pro phones, but they’ll also record in various resolutions, based on the type of scene. Portraits or landscapes might require more megapixels however, a low-light image might end up being pixel-binned to 12 megapixels. 

The renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has been pointing to the 48MP main camera of the iPhone 14 Pro on a several occasions. Kuo has also stated that a periscope-like zoom will be being added to the iPhone 15 in 2023. In terms of what’s on the inside of iPhone 14, at least two reports say that it will ditch the large screen in favor of the punch-hole camera, which could be an individual or a pill-shaped model that comes with FaceID integrated.

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