iPhone 14 and 14 Pro get price hikes outside the US

iPhone 14 and 14 Pro get price hikes outside the US; even iPhone SE (2022) is more expensive. Apple introduced the iPhone 14 series yesterday, and during the live feed, the company showed the same pricing as last year’s models.


We must qualify this claim with two asterisks. The lowest member of Apple’s premium range, the iPhone small, has been discontinued. The iPhone 14 Plus also lacks a direct predecessor. More importantly, that assertion is correct about US pricing.

iPhone 14 and 14 Pro get price hikes outside the US. Even iPhone SE (2022) is more expensive.

In addition to the cost in Canada and China. On the other hand, we noticed that prices in some other regions had increased, ranging from a few per cent to a staggering 25 per cent, after visiting the online Apple shops in numerous nations. Let’s begin with the plain Jane iPhone 14, which, with the SE (which we’ll get to in a second), is currently the cheapest brand-new iPhone on the market.

iPhone 13iPhone 14DifferenceDifference (%)
USUSD 800USD 800
CanadaCAD 1,100CAD 1,100
UKGBP 780GBP 850+ GBP 70+9%
IrelandEUR 930EUR 1,030+ EUR 100+11%
AustraliaAUD 1,350AUD 1,400+ AUD 50+4%
GermanyEUR 900EUR 1,000+ EUR 100+11%
FranceEUR 910EUR 1,020+ EUR 110+12%
ItalyEUR 940EUR 1,030+ EUR 90+10%
PolandPLN 4,200PLN 5,200+ PLN 1,000+24%
IndiaINR 80,000INR 80,000
MalaysiaMYR 3,900MYR 4,200+ MYR 300+8%
ThailandTHB 30,000THB 33,000+ THB 3,000+10%
ChinaCNY 6,000CNY 6,000

And then there’s the iPhone 14 Pro, which, along with the plain vanilla iPhone, is the smallest of the new iPhones (not counting the SE). The iPhone 14 employs the older Apple A15 chipset, does not have an HRR display or Always On, does not have a telephoto, and did not receive the new 48MP primary camera. Thus the price difference between the vanilla and the Pro model is interesting to consider.

iPhone 13 ProiPhone 14 ProDifferenceDifference (%)
USUSD 1,000USD 1,000
CanadaCAD 1,400CAD 1,400
UKGBP 950GBP 1,100+ GBP 150+16%
IrelandEUR 1,180EUR 1,340+ EUR 160+14%
AustraliaAUD 1,700AUD 1,750+ AUD 50+3%
GermanyEUR 1,150EUR 1,300+ EUR 150+13%
FranceEUR 1,160EUR 1,330+ EUR 170+15%
ItalyEUR 1,190EUR 1,340+ EUR 150+13%
PolandPLN 5,200PLN 6,500+ PLN 1,300+25%
IndiaINR 120,000INR 130,000+ INR 10,000+8%
MalaysiaMYR 4,900MYR 5,300+ MYR 400+8%
ThailandTHB 39,000THB 42,000+ THB 3,000+8%
ChinaCNY 8,000CNY 8,000

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max is the pinnacle of mobile technology and the only device deserving of the “Max” moniker. It better be because, at current rates, foldable phones are beginning to appear like a bargain. These tables show the costs for the most basic devices with 128 GB of storage. There are four different iPhone 14 versions, and each one begins at 128GB. In Germany, if you want 256GB of storage on your iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max, you’ll have to pay €130 extra.

iPhone 13 Pro MaxiPhone 14 Pro MaxDifferenceDifference (%)
USUSD 1,100USD 1,100
CanadaCAD 1,550CAD 1,550
UKGBP 1,050GBP 1,200+ GBP 150+14%
IrelandEUR 1,280EUR 1,490+ EUR 210+16%
AustraliaAUD 1,850AUD 1,900+ AUD 50+3%
GermanyEUR 1,250EUR 1,450+ EUR 200+16%
FranceEUR 1,260EUR 1,480+ EUR 220+17%
ItalyEUR 1,290EUR 1,490+ EUR 200+16%
PolandPLN 5,700PLN 7,200+ PLN 1,500+26%
IndiaINR 130,000INR 140,000+ INR 10,000+8%
MalaysiaMYR 5,300MYR 5,800+ MYR 500+9%
ThailandTHB 43,000THB 45,000+ THB 2,000+5%
ChinaCNY 9,000CNY 9,000

The iPhone SE (2022) is the most affordable model released in 2022. However, we all know that it has since increased in price. Check this out:

iPhone SE (2022), launchiPhone SE (2022), nowDifferenceDifference (%)
USUSD 430USD 430
CanadaCAD 580CAD 580
UKGBP 420GBP 450+ GBP 30+7%
AustraliaAUD 720AUD 720
GermanyEUR 520EUR 550+ EUR 30+6%
FranceEUR 530EUR 560+ EUR 30+6%
ItalyEUR 530EUR 560+ EUR 30+6%
IndiaINR 43,900INR 50,000+ INR 6,100+14%
ChinaCNY 3,500CNY 3,500

The roundup article will lead you to all the latest information on the iPhone 14 series. Please note that in certain countries, Apple has discounted the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 13 mini (but not in others, especially the ones facing price hikes).

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