Infinix Note 11 Pro gets dunked, scratched, and bent

Infinix Note 11 Pro gets dunked, scratched, and bent. YouTuber PBKreviews is testing the Infinix Note 11 Pro with its durability tests. This is a low-cost phone that is available in a few markets. Still, it has an attractive price, including some standout features like the massive 6.95-inch LCD screen with a 120Hz refresh rate stereo speakers, triple camera, and a gigantic battery that has 5,000 mAh and charging support 33W. The first test is the dunk.


While this Note 11 Pro isn’t rated for water resistance, it can be submerged in shallow water for 30 minutes. There’s no visible damage, but a follow-up video teardown will show if the water escaped the phone. The display on the phone is protected by a screen protector that comes with it. The glass beneath shows scratches up to a level 8, with more severe scratches on a level 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. The entire phone’s construction is made of plastic.

Infinix Note 11 Pro gets dunked, scratched, and bent

The frame, the speaker grille buttons, the camera bumps are all made from plastic. The lens for three cameras is constructed from glass, but a tiny lens covering the LED flash is built from plastic. Despite all that plastic, the structure on the Note 11 Pro is strong enough to stand up to the test of the bend. The site gives the Infinix device an unscientific 6.5/10 score and docks points for the absence of an IP rating with plastic construction and its vulnerability to scratches.

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