Huawei P50 series accessories includes lots of cases

Huawei P50 series accessories includes lots of cases and a multi-coil wireless charging pad. The Huawei p50 series was announced the day before this, and as Huawei is understood to do with every launch of a flagship telephone, it additionally unveiled a couple of add-ons for the new phones. While most of them are cases, one is the producer’s first multi-coil wireless charging pad.


Huawei P50 and P50 Pro Art Theme Cases

Much like the mate forty collections, Huawei has also announced art topic instances for the p50 collection. The instances are available in four colourful alternatives for each the p50 and p50 seasoned. Aside from their pleasing designs, the cases even have an integrated kickstand and provide greater protection at the corners. Huawei has additionally made matching themes that users can practice on their phones. You may seize the case on small for ¥199 (~$30) apiece.

Huawei P50 Pro Ring Flash Case

The Huawei p50 seasoned additionally receives an exclusive ring flash case that has a built-in ring flash for whilst you need to take a selfie or document a vlog. The case has a button for switching among three tiers of brightness and three colouration temperatures (warm, bloodless, and mixed). It costs via reverse wi-fi charging and is the reason why it’s miles exclusive to the Huawei p50 seasoned. The hoop flash case is available in red and white on small for ¥299 (~$46).

Huawei P50 series Smart Window Case

In case you need something greater stylish, there is the smart window flip case with an obvious component that lets you glimpse the time, date, weather, and notifications. The case may even robotically wake up the phone while flipped open and placed it to sleep while closing. It’s far priced at ¥229 (~$35) and is available in black and grey.

Huawei P50 series silicone case and leather case

Huawei has also launched silicone instances for the brand new phones and they’re available in 5 colourings inclusive of black, light green, and orange for ¥ ninety-nine (~$15). The leather case is more highly-priced at ¥199 (~$30), is available in conventional black and elephant grey, and has a built-in kickstand.


Huawei multi-coil wireless charger

Huawei also introduced a multi-coil wireless charger that could charge 3 objects at an equal time at up to 15w in step with the tool. The pad is formed like a massive elongated tablet and appears to have a material floor. It additionally has a USB-c port for connecting to an energy adapter. The specs are unknown and so is the price. We hope Huawei will screen these details quickly.

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