Huawei denied the termination of the relationship with Lecia

Today news comes from a leakstar digital chat station that Huawei and Leica’s cooperation has come to an end. But a Huawei’s benevolent said, “it is absolutely fake news.”The Leica’s candidates said that they haven’t any information about the ending of the relationship.


The leakstar generally provides the internal news about an unreleased device. But we think this time they are in a misunderstanding. They also expressed that the other local companies have already proposed the brand for the co-operation. Since 2016, Leica has been providing camera particles to Huawei. Huawei launch P9 with an impressive camera setup it is also arranged with the help of Leica. Which was one of the most capable cameras. The latest Mate 40 Pro is also, “most capable camera system to date”



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