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How much is mobile home insurance – After all, mobile homes are usually pretty small and easy to move, right? But even though mobile homes might not be as big as some other types of houses, they can still be expensive to repair or replace if something goes wrong.


What is mobile home insurance?

The cost of mobile home insurance can vary depending on the coverage offered, but most policies include coverage for property damage, liability, and theft.

If you own a mobile home, it is important to ensure adequate home insurance in case of loss or damage.


Types of Mobile Home Insurance

There are many types of mobile home insurance policies, each with benefits and drawbacks. Here are the most common types:

  1. Property Insurance
  2. Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
  3. Comprehensive Coverage
  4. Manufactured Home Insurance

Property Insurance:

This type of policy covers your mobile home and any attached property, including the land on which it sits and any structures you may have built on that land. It covers perils such as fire, theft, storm damage, and vandalism.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP):

This policy provides coverage for you and your guests in an accident.

Comprehensive Coverage:

This type of policy offers more comprehensive coverage than PIP policies, including coverage for property damage, liability, and accidents involving other people or animals. It’s also generally more expensive than PIP policies.


Manufactured Home Insurance:

This type of policy covers a mobile home only if it’s been permanently affixed to land that meets the policy’s requirements (usually at least six feet from all water sources). It doesn’t cover recreational vehicles or trailers that are used for recreation

How Much is Mobile Home Insurance?

You may wonder how much mobile home insurance is typically priced if you live in a mobile home. A quick Google search reveals that the price of mobile home insurance can vary greatly from company to company and state to state.

Generally speaking, mobile home insurance rates are based on your home’s value and age. The younger you are when your home is bought, the less coverage you will have. Homes built before 1976 generally have less value and are typically priced lower on the market.

In addition to value and age, other factors that affect mobile home insurance rates include property type, occupancy, and location. For example, single-family homes typically have more coverage than mobile homes located in a condo complex or a park. Occupancy also affects rates- a house full of people will be more expensive to insure than an empty house.

If you’re interested in finding out how much mobile home insurance costs in your area, it’s best to research online or speak with a licensed agent.

How much is mobile home insurance in Florida?

Mobile home insurance rates in Florida can vary depending on where you live and your mobile home. Rates for recreational vehicles (RVs) are often much higher than those for traditional homes because they are considered more expensive and risky.

How much is home insurance on a mobile home?

This is because mobile homes are not considered permanent structures, and mobile homes can be moved at any time. Additionally, mobile homes often lack permanent exterior walls or roofs, which can increase the likelihood of damage in a major storm.

How much is homeowners insurance for a mobile home?

There is no one answer to this question since mobile home insurance rates can vary depending on the state where the mobile home is located, the type of mobile home, and the desired coverage. However, the general rule of thumb is that homeowners insurance rates for a mobile home are typically lower than for a house.

Some factors that can affect how much homeowners insurance a mobile home owner pays include: 

  • The type of mobile home: A typical residence, such as a house or an apartment building, has many features that make it more expensive to insure than a mobile home, such as limited exterior walls and fewer interior walls between living spaces. 
  • The location of the mobile home: Generally, premiums are higher for homes near lakes or oceans because there is a greater risk of damage from weather conditions. Rates can also be higher in areas with high crime rates. 
  • The desired coverage: Some policies only cover damage to the structure of the mobile home, while others will cover both damages to the structure and property inside and outside the mobile home.

How much is homeowners insurance on a mobile home?

Mobile homes are not typically covered by homeowners insurance, which can be a major issue if the mobile home is damaged or destroyed. While some carriers may offer coverage for mobile homes, it is important to shop around to find the best rates.

How much is insurance for a mobile home?

Mobile home insurance is typically very affordable, especially if you have comprehensive coverage. Coverage can include property damage, liability, and theft.

How much is insurance on a single wide mobile home?

A mobile home is a self-contained dwelling on wheels typically used as a temporary residence. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has created a guide to help determine the cost of insurance for mobile homes. This figure is based on an analysis of insurance claims data from 2011.

Mobile homes are also subject to special coverage requirements that may add to the cost of your policy. For instance, mobile homes may require additional coverage for damage due to storms and wind and property damage caused by flooding.

How much is insurance on a double-wide mobile home?

Double-wide mobile homes are common in less populated areas like the Great Lakes region. They can be expensive to insure due to their large size and general lack of protection. Here’s an overview of how much insurance these homes typically require:

  • The policy will cover any damage caused by wind or rain, both on the exterior and interior of the home. This includes damage to the roof, walls, windows, doors, and fixtures. 
  • This includes everything from broken windows to items stolen from inside the home. 
  • Included in the policy will also be covered for any accidents that occur while the home is being used as a residence. This includes things like falls and fires.
How much is mobile home insurance in texas?

Mobile home insurance in texas is typically more expensive than regular home insurance. The main reasons for this are that mobile homes are not covered as fully by standard homeowner’s insurance policies, and they may also be less likely to be listed as a primary residence on a homeowner’s policy. Additionally, mobile homeowners may be subject to special provisions in their homeowner’s policy that may increase the cost of coverage.

Some people opt to carry supplemental liability insurance covering accidents on private property, while others choose to get coverage through a personal property protection plan. Several companies offer mobile home insurance specifically designed for Texans.


If you own or are considering buying a mobile home, it’s important to know how much mobile home insurance is likely to cost. While numerous factors will affect the price of your policy, including the make and model of your mobile home and its age, location, and features, one common factor is whether or not your property is covered by homeowner’s insurance. If you have questions about whether or not your property is covered by homeowner’s insurance, please contact an agent at a reputable mobile home insurer.

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