Honor flagship smartphone will be launched with Snapdragon 888 on July

I wanna start writing to give you upcoming news. The Honor flagship smartphone will launch with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 in July 2021. As you know, a few months ago, Honor was splitting up from Huawei Technology. Because Honor wanna become one of the leading smartphone makers globally. They want to establish their name in the global market.


Honor’s Chief Executive Officer Zhao Ming leaked that they are going to launch their flagship smartphones this year asap. Really, the Honor fans are highly interested to see the flagship smartphone of Honor. We are waiting for the launch. Already, they surprised us to launch the Huawei Mate-series and P-series of flagship phones.

The Honor flagship smartphone will be launched with Snapdragon 888 on July

This year has leaked online which leaks when the mid-range and high-range smartphones will go for official. Honor revealed to us a story of its flagship smartphone. It revealed some key specifications of the flagship smartphone. It leaked that the flagship smartphone will launch with Snapdragon 888.

By the way, it also announces its foldable smartphones. The foldable smartphones of the Honor will launch soon this year. In case, in one word, we could see some magic in the last of this year. Please stay with us for more updates about the upcoming news and reviews.

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