Google Pixel foldable will have 5.8-inch outer screen

Google Pixel foldable will have 5.8-inch outer screen. The foldable Google Pixel phone will sport smaller display outside as well as an inner display that is similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold4, per an industry source Ross Young. ts Pixel Notepad, as rumor suggests it will called it, will feature an 5.8-inch outside display that is larger and narrower that the Galaxy Fold4’s 6.19-inch projected screen. 


Because both folding devices said to have similar-sized screens, this implies there is a possibility that they will be similar in size. Pixel Notepad will have a larger aspect ratio over the Galaxy Z Fold. This confirmed by a leak earlier. Young does not know the date for Google’s first foldable device, but it’s likely to be that it will be around the time of the Pixel 7’s fall launch.

Google Pixel foldable will have 5.8-inch outer screen

The first foldable from Google widely anticipated to launch in 2021 but Google decided to drop the idea. It appears now that it’s the Pixel Fold, now called the Notepad it’s back. It estimated to cost $1,400 and will sport a Find N-like body style that is short and wide, instead of tall and narrow. is the current Galaxy Z Fold3.

It’s most likely to utilize an Tensor chip, but will use the older Pixel camera equipment, including the 12.2MP IMX363 camera from the Pixel 2, 3, 4 5 series, which includes a 12MP IMX386 ultrawide camera and two IMX355s with 8MP to take selfies.

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