Google Pixel 3 has a bug caused by Microsoft Teams that prevent 911 calls

Google Pixel 3 has a bug caused by Microsoft Teams that prevent 911 calls. An atypical incident currently occurred where a google pixel three consumer was unable to name 911 at some point of an emergency. Now, the effects of the reliable investigation from the organization have discovered a few interesting motives as to why this took place.


Again in November 2021, Reddit consumer u/kitchenpicture5849 (through android police) shared his unlucky experience at the social media platform. The person had positioned an emergency 911 name for an ambulance, however, best after the cellphone rang once, pixel three froze completely.

This similarly hampered any similarly tries from the consumer to talk with the person that changed into the alternative facet of the decision. Whilst the tool had managed to reveal the vicinity to the emergency services on the call, the person was unable to share crucial information like his deal with, condo number, or even the circumstance of the person who required scientific assistance.

Google Pixel 3 has a bug caused by Microsoft Teams that prevent 911 calls

Pixel 3 changed into essentially stuck at the app display. Thankfully, the Reddit customers managed to reach emergency offerings via the landline. However considering the gravity of the scenario, this could’ve been a fatal revel in for people who most effectively use smartphones.

Whilst sharing his revel in on Reddit, the person additionally recreated the bug and determined that his Verizon logs confirmed no report of a name being positioned to 911. This prompted Google to begin its very own research into the problem this is fortunately no longer significant at the moment. So what triggered this problem?


A pixel network account revealed that the computer virus was spotted on gadgets in which the users had installed Microsoft teams but hadn’t logged in with any account. It brought that an “unintentional interaction” among the app and android averted emergency calls from being made. So now, both Google and Microsoft are directly operating on a fix as of proper now.

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