Google Assistant becomes smarter after the latest update

Google is trying to make sure the Assistant a suitable and essential tool for ourselves. After a recent update, Google Assistant becomes smarter than before. It would perform easier than before you have experienced.

If you have ever used the Google Assistant you must be noticed, there is a hassle to use the different or exact thing. Nowadays, Google hardly tried its best to recover from unwanted errors. Google wants to make our life easier and simple as always.


Google Assistant becomes smarter after the latest update

For this reason, Google built so many features like Search Engine, YouTube, Social Media, and Assistant, etc. I must say, the most important and more innovative one will be the Google Assistant. It makes our daily life simple and easier to lead a better life.


These are called routines and can be enabled in the Assistant settings on your Android or iOS devices. The latest update introduces a new workday routine specifically designed for those who work from home.

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