Global Xiaomi 12 Pro gets listed by the FCC

Global Xiaomi 12 Pro gets listed by the FCC. Xiaomi revealed the 12-series just days before New Year’s Eve and only made announcements about a release in China. The majority part of the globe is waiting for a worldwide launch, and although there’s no time frame for the launch yet, however, clues are being accumulated that indicate the launch date is close.


Xiaomi 12 Pro Xiaomi 12 Pro and its vanilla counterpart were discovered within the databases of an Indonesian Telco just some time ago. The FCC also scrutinizes the Pro and appears in various benchmarks. The FCC report on that phone (2201122G) will support the five sub-6 bands of 5G that include n5, n7 N38, n51 as well as n77 and. It also has Wi-Fi 6E connectivity, although it’s not legal in all regions (e.g., in the EU). NFC is available in the EU too. 5G connectivity is made possible via the Qualcomm modem in the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset.

A Geekbench test result for the worldwide Xiaomi 12 Pro shows 12 GB of RAM and Android 12 (with MIUI 13 on top). The result is a bit low for the 8 Gen 1 phone, so that the global ROM could require some work. In terms of RAM, the base Pro comes with 8GB of memory; however, since there’s only a single result available in the database, we cannot determine what capacities of memory will be provided to the worldwide population.


Global Xiaomi 12 Pro gets listed by the FCC

The basic Xiaomi 12 tested by Geekbench had 8GB of RAM (that device scored even lower, which suggests that the firmware is not fully functional for the market). The phone was also listed within the HTML5Test database, running Chrome 96 for Android 12. It’s interesting to note that this test result was taken two months earlier, just before Xiaomi announced its 12 Series, which means work on the global version has been in progress for quite a while.

While the Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro are set for a global launch, the 3rd member in the series that is the Xiaomi 12X, is likely to join the two. The date for the launch is unknown, but leaks from the past have suggested it is likely that Xiaomi 12 is aiming for February or March, and we don’t have any reason to believe that its two siblings won’t be alongside it. Also, don’t overlook that an Ultra model is waiting to get its moment to shine.

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