Apple iPhone X modded to replace Lightning port with USB Type-C port

Apple iPhone X modded to replace Lightning port with USB Type-C port. Apple has slowly started migrating toward the usage of USB kind-c port on its devices, with the ipad mini being the latest tool coming with a USB-c port. However, the agency’s smartphones, the iPhone series models, nevertheless function as its proprietary lightning port.


Whilst Apple is yet to make the adjustments to the iPhones, a youtube video claims that a user of the iPhone named ken pillonel has mounted the USB-c factor into the iPhone x, replacing the lightning port in the technique. Ken pillonel has a background in electronics and has studied for a master’s degree in robotics at the swiss federal institute of technology, epfl, says a document from AppleInsider. It method that not every person can make this variation on their device.

Apple iPhone X modded to replace Lightning port with USB Type-C port

In the video, it’s far claimed that once making the change, the smartphone capable of acquiring energy thru the connection, in addition to being capable of deal with records transfers over a USB-c cable. Ken pillonel reverse-engineered apple’s c94 connector to make a PCB with a lady USB-c port.

After the schematics had set in location, he commenced working to shrink it down and set up it into the iPhone. He were operating on this for some months now, detailing the manner on his private weblog.

He given a flexible PCB final month and says that a destiny video is in production which explains how the board made and squeezed into the iPhone itself. It’s noteworthy that consistent with apple’s repair terms and situations, unauthorized modification deems the device as “out-of-assurance” whilst in need of restoration if it prevents apple from addressing the reported issue with the device.


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