Apple iPhone 15 Pro gonna release without a SIM card slot

Apple iPhone 15 Pro gonna release without a SIM card slot. Apple announced its iPhone 13 lineup in September September, along with its iPhone 14 is still months away from its launch; however, rumors about an iPhone 15 have already started being circulated on the web and the most recent one that claims Apple will remove its physical SIM card slot in the iPhone 15 series in 2023.

The information comes from Brazilian magazine Blog do iPhone, claiming that 2023’s Pro models (tentatively named iPhone 15 Pro) will be void of physical SIM slot and will solely rely on eSIM technology as a means of connectivity. The publication also states that the iPhones will have dual sim capabilities, which allows users to use two lines simultaneously.


Apple iPhone 15 Pro gonna release without a SIM card slot

It’s unknown whether the models that aren’t Pro will also rely on eSIM technology or remain with physical SIM slot cards. Apple is planning to remove its SIM card slot. It isn’t an issue since the tech giant has been reported to eventually switch to an entirely portless iPhone with no SIM card slot. Eliminating the SIM slot is an initial step in this direction.

Even the event that Apple decides to launch an iPhone that does not have a SIM card slot might be able to see it offers a version that has a physical SIM slot in areas where eSIM isn’t available. But 2023 is an incredibly long time to wait, and it’s best to await the information to be confirmed by reliable sources in the industry before deciding it as the final.

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