Apple iPhone 13 has a better buyback value than the Pixel 6

Apple iPhone 13 has a better buyback value than the Pixel 6. With the launch of the Pixel 6 collection, google had sought to compete inside the premium section marketplace against the likes of Apple and Samsung. But, whilst its 2021 flagship phones had been acquired as a first-rate contender within the high-cease android marketplace, it appears that there are nevertheless regions wherein iPhones managed to satisfy the pixel 6.


In line with data from sell cell, which sought to discover which of the 2 phone lineups held out its price fine, it appears that iPhone took the lead. The record in comparison facts from the cellphone marketplace and price comparisons between the two. It was discovered that the iPhone 13 series preserve their value higher than the new pixel 6.

Looking at the information compiled from over forty-five buyback providers, the pixel 6 collection lost a median of around 43 percent of its price within a month of its release. Alternatively, the iPhone 13 circle of relatives best saw a depreciation of around 25 percentage inside just the primary month of its release.


Apple iPhone 13 has a better buyback value than the Pixel 6

Extensively, the iPhone 13 saw a rise in fee, with the effective fashion additionally inclusive of the iPhone 13 mini as nicely. For the ones unaware, this version turned into the least popular version within the lineup. Interestingly, the base pixel 6 version lost around 37 percent of its cost compared to the 35 percent buyback fee that became lost for the iPhone 13 mini. In different phrases, the quest engine massive had better competed with the Cupertino-primarily based organization within the access-level flagship market.

Whilst the iPhone 13 series noticed a rise in buyback value over the last months, sell cell believes that the same might not be contemplated for the pixel 6 models. Rather, the pixel 6 cost might drop similarly earlier than reaching a plateau in a subsequent couple of months. Remember that the buyback price does no longer directly reflect the pleasantness of the smartphones seeing that iPhones are acknowledged to typically hold their fee higher than their android opposite numbers.

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