Apple iPhone 12 Pro DxOMark tests score is 128

The iPhone 12 Pro cut a good result on-camera test. The DxoMark judge about the camera review of the iPhone 12 pro. They published their Judgment yesterday. Now we are telling you about that, According to the report-The, the new model is more successful than the iPhone 11 Pro. It shows 4 point improvement than iPhone 11 pro from the same places.


Apple iPhone 12 pro-cut out 4th place overall it’s contemporary phones. The test was commenced at about 128 points. And among all examinees, It took place behind Xiaomi’s Mi 10 Pro and Huawei p40 pro for a single point. Hardware-based three sensors Outcomes 12 MP shots. There is a 26 mm-worthy lens Which includes f/1.6 aperture and OIS. There have also a 13mm equivalent Ultrawide lens with F/2.4 aperture and a 52 mm telephoto module with f/2.0 aperture and OIS. This co-operative lens aid the main lens. There has also a new addition. This year iPhone added a LiDAR sensor to depth sensing.

DxOMark tests iPhone 12 Pro

The performance of the iPhone 12 pro was admirable on the board. DxO gives priority to some powerful points of its camera. They enlisted its compatible autofocus performance, accurate colors, and detailed preservation. They also rendered the indoor shots. And the exposure keeps its spot across the board.

They also noticed nite time shots but because of noise, it was hard to expose it. The dynamic range has not any fixed strong points. when zooming The telephoto sensor struggled so much in that case. Which is really worthy of praise. Ultrawide angles performance is not so good as others.

Video recording had a great sign. It showed superb autofocus accuracy and exposed the color accuracy admirably on a particular strong point. There was also stabilization on point. Else, in low-density light condition detail preservation point stayed on point. The camera is also admired for its dynamic range.


Wait until our review has come about iPhone 12 pro. There you can get a Fulfill concept about this topic.


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