ACEFAST Smart Wall Charger-Hub A17 review

ACEFAST Smart Wall Charger-Hub A17 review. When I came across an item like this little ACEFAST Mini Charging Block, I was too intrigued not to accept the review offer. This little device is one of my favorite gadgets and I think it will be a hit with many people.


The Wall Charger-Hub A17 GaN PD65W is a device that takes the two separate things and combines them into one. The charger is a wall charger, and the hub functions as an individual outlet with Type-C ports.

ACEFAST Smart Wall Charger-Hub A17 review

With the ACEFAST Charger-Hub A17, you can have all of the bulky plugs and cable ends hidden away and properly cabled by just a single Type-C cable going from your device on the desk. So far, the ACEFAST isn’t the only one of its kind to offer this type of convenience and versatility.


However, what was different about ACEFAST’s product is the adapter that can connect multiple different devices with a single cable. And that makes us believe there will be a market for this particular gadget in the future.

Specs and features overview

The USB port on the ACEFAST charger-hub A17 is designed to help connect a device to the host by providing power, a data connection, and an output from connected devices. Each side of the Type-C port is capable of up to 60W (and when combined with USB A is a total of up to 100W), which meets the needs for fast charging and video streaming.

How well does it work as a charger

ACEFAST advertises nice and broad charging standards compatibility for the Charger-Hub A17, including USB PD with PPS as well as QuickCharge 3.0, AFC and FCP support.

However our review unit only supports PD up to 60W with only fixed outputs and no PPS. 5V@3A, 9V@3A, 12V@3A, 15V@2.6A and 20V@3A, to be exact. Retail units should hopefully support all of the advertised standards.


How well does it work as a “dongle” for HDMI and USB

The ACEFAST Charger-Hub A17 supports video output over USB-C. It is compatible with devices using Type-C, HDMI 2.0 and up to 40K@60Hz. In order to get the most out of your laptop or Nintendo Switch, you should make sure that your hub supports those specs and properly handles if you’re using DeX.


ACEFAST has created a low cost, highly portable and very efficient GaN PD charger, USB-C HUB and Type-C cable. Features of the product are neither revolutionary nor particularly special in terms of what it offers, but its clever implementation of features is to be considered.

The Charger Hub A17 has no major complaints when in use, but only issues with one charger protocol that may not be available on retail ones.

We hope ACEFAST will restock these issues with a version 2.0 later. Other than that, the Charger Hub A17 works gloriously well and most devices will work flawlessly with it. We think at least a few people will find the Charger Hub A17 intriguing enough to give it a shot even if they aren’t enticed by its design.

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